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Company Policies

Complaints & Compliments Policy

The Clinic is committed to providing a quality service at all times.  We recognise that at times our customers may be unhappy with some aspect of their treatment.  We endeavour to respond as quickly as we can to any complaints.

Aims and Objectives

This Policy is designed to give clear guidance to all parties on what action they should take in the event of their being unhappy with any part of the service and treatment they have received from Soul Care Aesthetics.


All staff at Soul Care Aesthetics are expected to take complaints seriously.  In the event of a customer expressing some dissatisfaction with the service, the person responsible should take the following action:

  • Listen to the customer`s concern
  • Record this in writing
  • Inform the Registered Manager immediately
  • Try to resolve the issue immediately.  If they are unable to do so, the matter must be escalated.

Who can make a complaint?

Complaints can only be made by our customers.  In the first instance, we will not accept complaints made on behalf of our customers.

How to make a Complaint

There are many ways in which our customers can register a concern, or complain about any aspect of the treatment they received during their visit to Soul Care Aesthetics.  They are:

  • Verbally to the person in charge
  • In writing to the organisation
  • Electronically, via email or text


Who to Complain To

The customer should initially make their complaint to the person who has delivered the service.  If the complaint is made to anyone other than:

  • The person who delivered the treatment
  • The Registered Manager
  • The Responsible Individual,

the customer should be directed back to the person who delivered the treatment.  If they feel unable to do this, then they should be directed to the Registered Manager immediately.

What you can Expect

We will endeavour to deal with your complaint as quickly and as efficiently as we can.

If it concerns a treatment, we will ask you to return to the clinic immediately, so we can see what the problem is.  We are unable to try to resolve the issue if we cannot see what is wrong.

If we agree with your concern, we will endeavour to put this right immediately.  We may suggest other solutions or courses of action to address the problem.

If your complaint is about the behaviour of a member of staff, we will ask you put this in writing, so we can understand the full extent of your complaint.  We will then begin an internal investigation into the matter.

We may come back to you for more information.

We will endeavour to keep you informed throughout the process.


Time Frames

Soul Care Aesthetics will endeavour to investigate and conclude all complaints within 28 working days.

We will keep you informed during the investigation.

We will notify you of the outcome in writing.

Time Limits  

There is an expectation that a complainant must register their complaint within 7 days of their last treatment, unless the issue does not arise until a later date.  It is only in exceptional circumstances will a complaint be investigated outside of this time frame.  This will be at the discretion of the Manager, and in consultation with the Nominated Individual.


In the event of the customer still being unhappy with the outcome of the investigation, they must notify us of this within 7 days of receiving the letter informing them of the outcome.  We will then employ the services of an external investigator to explore the case.  Soul Care Aesthetics will decide who they will use.

If the customer is still unhappy with the service, they can raise their complaint with the Care Quality Commission.

Care Quality Commission

CQC National Correspondence

PO Box 1258

Newcastle upon Tyne

NE99 5AU